The Camino, Hiking, bike routes or horse trips

Our campsite is placed in an ideal area which allows us to do different activities. You will be able to visit every corner of Galicia in less than two hours due to our central spot in the core of Galicia. Hiking, horse riding… there are lots of activities to do. The Santiago Way has a paramount role considering that The Northern Way and the French Way go across Arzúa. We also have bikes to rent in order to visit the dam of Portodemouros or whatever you would like to visit in the surroundings.


Feel the experience of the Camino walking or in bike. We provide you with everything you will need. Your pleasure will be your only concern.


We have bikes to rent in order to discover the astonishing surroundings and to explore the places you would like to visit.


The “Ruta do Iso” goes through the Iso river and it shows us some centennial trees. We can also find some magical places such as Castro Curbin, which is a celtic fortified settlement, or Fonte da Quenlla. In these breathtaking places you will also discover some native trees such as the holly, the oak and the chestnut tree. We also have some routes recognized by the Galician mountaineering federation (PR-G).

1. Rota dos Tres Rios PR-G121(Concello de Touro)
2. Sendero de Visantoña PR-G125(Concello de Santiso)
3. Roteiro dos Megalitos PR-G168 (Concello de Toques)
4. Ruta da Fervenza das Hortas PR-G169 (Concello de Arzúa)